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Niskayuna, NY   1 comment

I never even heard of a town called Niskayuna but apparently Keith does not live in Schenectady, his mom owns the house in Niskayuna.  Yeah, a 47 year-old man who lives with his 84 year old mom in her house.  I wouldn’t get teary-eyed and believe he does that to look after her so that she can stay in her own home.  In fact, he never once mentioned her to me but he did get upset when I said I’d come up to visit.

Niskayuna is actually a VERY nice town.  And their Police Dept. is very pleasant and professional to work with.   As in most small towns, Police and Municipal are in the same building.   It’s curious to me how in most towns, even here in New Jersey, the police department offices are in the rear or side of the municipal building.  Guess they need that for patrol cars.   So why did I visit their Police Dept.?  To submit my deposition and once again ID Keith’s picture from their computer files s I did in Schenectady.

It was a busy day though.  I also visited a process server who is busy serving Information Subpoenas to Keith and other individuals and businesses in the area.

It’s so interesting that no matter where in Schenectady my travels take me,  if it has anything to do with the legal system, people know Keith’s name, and they don’t hesitate to tell me their story.  Heck, I could write a book of “stories.”  Maybe I will.

So as not to disappoint the “visual” among us…and I’m one of you, here are some pictures of my visit…The Niskayuna Police and the County Office building.

The Taxman Cometh   Leave a comment

Tax Return


Well, if all of us to whom Keith owes money are not successful, the taxman might be.  Seems he owes some money here too.  The link will take you to his tax lien history….public records.  It’s amazing what you can find on the internet!  There are two tax lien warrants view-able.



And if you are looking for a phenomenal source to do your own research, I highly recommend this detective website.



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More People Keith owes money to   Leave a comment

courthouseSo it seems the carnage continues.   Keith has already started year year off owing someone else money!

This information is from one of the best websites I’ve seen, it’s the NYS Unified Court System.   Sorry, I cannot link to it but copy/paste to visit.

23 Schenectady City Court   SC-004848-11/SC Disposed YW Acupuncturist PC Keith Wells 12/14/2011 Honorable Guido A. Loyola
24 Schenectady City Court   SC-006462-11/SC Disposed Julius Aycox Keith Wells 01/18/2012 Honorable Guido A. Loyola

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“Sex, Lies and Videotape”   Leave a comment

Well, it was a great title of a movie, only thing I’ve got here is a .wav file, otherwise known as a sound file.  It was a phone call from Keith Wells to me on January 3, 2012 at 3:18pm and was the second call professing he was going to pay me.  Of course, despite his assurances, no lawyer has ever called, no money has been received by me (no surprises here) and he obviously doesn’t think too much of his fellow divers on ScubaBoard either.  Kick back and hear the man speak for himself!

Notice one thing, and this has been consistent.  He’s never once denied that he owes me the money, of course he cannot….it’s in writing and there are two judgments by the Schenectady court.

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Keith Wells in his own words   Leave a comment

Keith Wells in his own words

phone call to me on Jan 3, 2012

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Grand Larceny comes in different degrees.

Back to Civil Court  for a judgment to recover the loan resulted in a default judgment after a minor briefing of the judge as to the facts of the case. Then the judge asked me if I had ever filed charges against Keith Wells with the District Attorney’s office or the Police Department.  No, I had not.  It was suggested that perhaps that may be something I may want to look into.  And so it is, for if there is a criminal case against Keith Wells, it will be for something like Grand Larceny or Fraud.  Note that ALL penalties of Grand Larceny carry with them prison terms!

It’s interesting to me that there are terms for repeat killers….”serial killer,” but no terms for someone who repeatedly acts in such a manner as to precipitate people from filing civil court complaints for judgments to reclaim their money.  Click on title below for link to definitions of Grand Larceny NYS Penal Code.

Grand Larceny Charges & Penalties

Grand larceny charges in New York come in one of the following four degrees:

  • Grand Larceny in the First Degree
    • NY Penal Law § 155.42
    • Class B felony
    • A class B felony in New York is punishable by up to 25 years in prison
  • Grand Larceny in the Second Degree
    • NY Penal Law § 155.40
    • Class C felony
    • A class C felony in New York is punishable by up to 15 years in prison
  • Grand Larceny in the Third Degree
    • NY Penal Law § 155.35
    • Class D felony
    • A class D felony in New York is punishable by up to 7 years in prison
  • Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree
    • NY Penal Law § 155.30
    • Class E felony
    • A class E felony in New York is punishable by up to 4 years in prison

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schenectady county court house

Schenectady county court house

Judgment Execution Procedures

The  favorable judgment against Keith Wells  is just a place to start.  The court system won’t collect for me, I have to provide them with standard documentations such as transcript of judgment, and  fees.

They’ll tell you upfront:

  1. All Sheriff’s fees are set by NYS Law.
  2. The process ONE execution at a time in sequence of receipt
  3. They will not start another execution until the first one is full satisfied
  4. Interest rate will accrue on unpaid balance at daily rate of .025% and an annual rate of 9% as the judgment ages
  5. The interest rate is set by NYS Law
  6. Judgments are valid for 10 years and renewable for another 10
  7. Payments must be in money orders, cashiers checks or business checks

That said, you’ll find the general information here for income execution.  There’s also Property Execution against a bank account, and  against a vehicle.

court sm claims judgment process

You’ll find more information about the Schenectady County Court and its legal system below:

Schenectady County Court

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Fraud- according the the NYS Penal Code   Leave a comment

§ 190.65 Scheme to defraud in the first degree.
1. A person is guilty of a scheme to defraud in the first degree when
he or she:

(b) engages in a scheme constituting a
systematic ongoing course of conduct with intent to defraud more than
one person or to obtain property from more than one person by false or
fraudulent pretenses, representations or promises, and so obtains

property with a value in excess of one thousand dollars from one or more such persons;

So let’s consider…Keith

  1. Wrote the Promissory Note …did he intend to repay?
  2. May have made  false representation by saying he was fixing up a property in order to flip it which I come to find  he doesn’t own and in fact has been owned by another party for years .  A “fixer-upper” is not something you want to hold onto for years unless you are living there or own and rent it out for income.
  3. Value is definitely in excess of $1,000.
  4. I am not the only such victim and so it is a ongoing course of conduct

If the shoe fits……

Profiling   Leave a comment

I’m reading an incredible book- it’s really aimed at preventing violence against women but is equally meaningful to prevent being scammed.  The Gift of Fear .  Read it.  We do get the information we need to know.  We just need to listen.   We do know.  The signals are there.  Keith Wells (and others like him who take advantage of others who are caring people) can be easily identified.  You don’t have to be a victim.  Much of this book covers stalkers, but the same internal radar device that we have can and should be used for anyone who wishes us harm.

The Con Game is a fascinating one.  Simon Lovell, a card shark says,

“A con man is essentially a salesman–a remarkably good one–who excels at making people feel special and understood. A con man validates the victim’s desire to believe he has an edge on other people.

It requires avid study of psychology and body language. It’s an amazing paradox–a con man has incredible emotional insight, but without the burden of compassion. He must take an intense interest in other people, complete strangers, and work to understand them, yet remain detached and uninvested. That the plan is to cheat these people and ultimately confirm many of their fears cannot be of concern.”

The scam does not matter…what matters are the techniques, and you see them again and again.  They know you better than you know yourself.  The difference is, they don’t care about you.  But you’ll think they do because you care.

The F.B.I. has a powerful website dedicated to fraud.  If you’re a parent, you should see the section devoted to child protection.  If you’re a senior, there’s information for you here too.  Fall somewhere in-between, there’s enough here for everyone.

You’ll find interesting information and widgets such as this one:
iframe src=”” width=”182px” height=”196px” align=”left” frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″>

Think someone has to be pretty dumb to fall for a scam?  Not so says J. McLeod, co-author of  The Con: How Scams Work, Why You’re Vulnerable, and How to Protect Yourself

She tells us that  “But this idea, that only the stupid get conned, is a persistent myth. The truth is that people don’t fall for scams because they’re stupid or naive or weak. They fall for them because they’re human. “

So does it mean you have to be inhuman not to fall for a scam?   Of course not, it’s the humanity that links us all together and allows the scammer to con you, and its your humanity that should alert you with bells and whistles.  Check my next post for information about bells and whistles.

Beware…they’re all around us.  Here’s a link to someone who set up a blog dedicated to Craigslist scammers!

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Promises, Promises   Leave a comment

Keith wrote up the Promissory Agreement with the amount of interest he wanted to pay.    You can see it on the attached document.    Signed Promissory Note      Too late I discovered that the way Keith wrote the note itself may be problematic.   Keith told me how he charges tenants usurious rates of interest.  Well, he did the same here when he wrote the note,  so basically he wrote a Void Contract for himself.  A court can choose to ignore the interest or roll it to the appropriate rate.  Of course that’s assuming that the $1,000. is interest, which it really is not.  He offered to purchase a gift for me with a price tag of $920. (Yes, very generous)  So the Note is $7000 + $920 gift + $80 interest.   Appearances can be deceiving.

Oh, and here’s the alleged property he was fixing to flip:

1214 7th Avenue, Schenectady, NY

Want to see an interesting fact?  Keith Wells not only does not own the building, the current owners have owned it since 2004!  This is from the records of Loopnet:


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